JP Flash Quiz (Japanese Language Learning Quiz App)

JP Flash Quiz app would be helpful to improve your Japanese vocabulary and kanji. 4000+ words and 700+ kanjis are contained in the app with their meanings. One of targets is to help Japanese learners to feel a piece of Japanese culture through quiz of vocabulary and kanji.

This App Will Help You To-
• Learn japanese offline
• Learn japanese vocabulary
• Japanese for beginners
• Japanese vocabulary
• Learn Japanese Vocabulary offline at the pace of your own without internet
• Learn japanese free
• Add your own words
• Offline app.
• List All vocabulary, adjectives & verbs from Minna No Nihongo Book.

Flash functions:
• Add custom vocabulary list with .csv file
• Take quiz test.
• Select custom number of vocabulary or kanji for test.
• Evaluate your skills by yourself.

Download and enjoy your Learning with JP Flash Quiz.

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